Board of Directors

Art Trebon, President  352-489-4161
Charles KuntzVice President
Jeanne HuntSecretary 207-578-0417
Sam SicilianoTreasurer 352-897-4291
Bob Appleby, Director 352-489-7696
Sue KeenanDirector 352-897-5217
John Schneider, Director
Lucy Wines, Administrative Assistant 352-489-4075


Covenant Oversight Committee

Art Trebon  352-489-4161
Charles Kuntz
Norbert Galle
Charles Kohnken 607-732-0554
Tom Green
Sam Siciliano        

Florida Statute 720.305 Member Committee
Paul Dufour, Co-Chair
Charles Kohnken, Co-Chair
Tom Green
Norbert Galle

Audit Committee
Paul Dufour, Chair


Architectural Review Committee
Nick Lugaro, Chair 352-465-1722
Diane Corujo
Joe Foti
Neal Keenan
Bob Milto
Glenn Pennington
John Schneider

Social Committee
Barbara Appleby 352-489-7696
Jeanne Hunt

Welcome Committee
Barbara Appleby 352-489-7696
Sue Keenan

Clubhouse Rentals
John Schneider


Lou Ann Pennington

Goals for 2019

  • Congeniality is Our Goal
  • Continue to be fiscally responsible and increase our reserves
  • Continue to enforce the OakRidge Covenants consistently and fairly
  • Continue to improve the appearance of the common areas, such as:
    power wash and re-sod
     where needed
  • Continue to update Oakridge website
  • Continue the social events for OakRidge residents


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